Welcome to Planning & Research Services
Welcome to Planning & Research Services PRS Welcome to Planning & Research Services
Performance Indicators & Report Cards Copyright 2003
Performance Indicators and Report CardsDevelopment and implementation of quantitative measures and benchmarks for assessing organizational and individual performance. Development of report cards to monitor key operational and outcome measures to line managers and corporate executives.

Paul Wing, President

Paul Wing, President

Planning & Research Services is a small, independent consulting firm serving corporations and government agencies. PRS specializes in the development of solutions to strategic and operational problems, particularly those requiring computer models, statistical analysis and data presentation. In addition to solving the problem at hand. PRS provides documentation and training that permit clients to maintain their own systems and processes and adapt them to changing environments.

To determine whether PRS can help you with a particular planning or research problem, please send a message to Dr. Wing at pwing@planningresearch.com

PRS is a member of the Consulting Alliance, a group of independent consultants in a variety of disciplines.

Strategic Planning and Forecasting Models
Strategic Planning and Forecasting ModelsFormulation of goals and objectives, identification of feasible strategies, development of quantitative outcome measures, and preparation of interpretive reports. Computer models to forecast changes in important environmental and operational parameters.
Research Design & Statistical Analysis        
Research Design & Statistical AnalysisSelection and application of statistical tests in business, government, and scientific settings. Sampling strategies, questionnaire design, data entry, and data analysis using SPSS or SAS. Interpretation of statistics, presentation and synthesis of results, and high-impact reports.
Computer Graphics  and Data Presentation
Computer Graphics  and Data PresentationCreation of presentation graphics and charts using a variety of software packages, including CorelDRAW, Excel and Powerpoint. Desktop publishing to prepare camera-ready reports and marketing materials. Design of effective computer-based presentations.
Demographic Analysis & Computer Mapping  
Demographic Analysis & Computer MappingPresentation of marketing and other data using boundaries of states, counties, zip codes, census tracts, and custom geographic units. Census data and projections available, with computer software for analysis and presentation.
Technical Reports & Proposals
Technical Reports & ProposalsPreparation of easy-to-understand reports on technical subjects. Full-service assistance in the preparation of grand proposals for submission to government agencies and private foundations. Publication and graphics services, including overheads, slides and web sites.
Lectures on special topics, seminars and workshops on strategic issues, and training programs on management tools and techniques. Formal courses on statistical techniques, computer software applications, and information systems.